Tennessee Blueberry Farm Direct Sales and Orders

In 2010 we laid the foundation of our new blueberry farm, by planting two acres of blueberries, 2,800 plants, 16 varieties in all.

Maury County Blueberry Farm

Grandson Badia displays a sample of Highland Realm’s blueberry crop.

The berry farm features six varieties of Early blueberries, 10 Mid-Season varieties and two Late-Season types. We also have blackberries and strawberries.

Berries are available at Highland Realm’s farm stand, our refurbished barn.

Online ordering is available for berry pickup at the stand or our CSA drop-off locations in Columbia and Brentwood.

We accept PayPal for online berry orders and CSA membership fees.

Tennessee blueberries from Highland can be ordered by gallon or flat of 36 pints.

To order Highland berries call 931-285-2543 or contact us for more information.

Highland Realm rows of blueberries

Highland Realm dedicates two acres of land to 16 blueberry varieties.

berry farm Hampshire TN

We used all-natural methods to prep the land in Hampshire for the berry farm.