Our Mission

The vision for Highland Realm has evolved with our passion for lifelong learning. Our mission is four-part:

To be surrounded by beauty and healthy land that provides a sustainable lifestyle

To enjoy lifelong learning

To create community and share knowledge and resources for the good of all

To work with a team for the highest and best good of all

organic soil tn farm stand

Our soil is almost as gorgeous as the harvest.

To those ends, we use only natural methods to enhance the soil and improve our crops. We plan to hold workshops on soil building and sustainable farm methods. In 2013, we launched our Community Supported Agriculture program and began offering direct sales of berries and well as on-line ordering for pickup.

Highland Realm’s refurbished barn sells not only our produce, but farm products from other local growers and providers. We have land to lease for those who want to grow their own fruits and vegetables.

The land is held in trust to protect it from development for all time. In creating this community, we are mindful, intentional, and inspired.

Please visit to see the Highland Realm mission in action.