Bowen Therapy

Non-invasive Bowen Therapy relieves all types of pain and is so gentle that it can be used on everyone – from newborn infants to the elderly. Because it is a gentle, hands-on technique, Bowen Therapy can relieve day-to-day stress and enhance overall wellness.

A series of simple, gentle moves across muscle and connective tissue prompt the body to reset imbalances and heal from injuries and even long-standing complaints, promoting pain relief and energy recovery.

Bowen Technique

Careful moves of the Bowen Technique help the body heal from injuries and recover energy.

Thomas A. Bowen (1903-1982), who gained a reputation for being able to help his co-workers with their aches and pains, developed the technique in Australia. Because he was able to help so many people, he opened a full-time clinic using his method of muscle manipulations. By 1975 he was seeing 13,000 patients per year.

This technique has broad therapeutic applications. It is used to help clients overcome sports injuries, accidents and other ailments such as tennis elbow, sprained ankles, strained backs, torn hamstrings, asthma, fibromyalgia, TMJ, frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel syndrome. It also is very effective in improving rehabilitation time, regardless of how old or how recent the injury.

We also use Bowen Therapy to

  • Assist patients with chronic illnesses or disabilities
  • Release fear and emotional stress
  • Support pre- and post-natal care
  • Treat eczema
  • Prompt the body to reset imbalances
  • Bring autonomic nervous system into balance

Clients should wear loose-fitting clothing. Bowen Therapy is administered with the client lying on a massage table.