Sound Therapy

Since the beginning of time sound has been recognized for its healing qualities. You only have to listen to music to realize that sound has an effect upon the body and our mood. When directed though specific energy centers, sound therapy restores balance, which energizes our entire body, mind, spirit system.

Sound creates healing by sympathetic resonance. Sound waves enter the body through the hearing system and bones, traveling through the continuum of connective tissue. Connective tissue is the largest organ inside the body and is what connects and separates everything in the body.

Sound is carried through the connective tissue as electromagnetic waves called phonons. Sound waves are converted into heat, light, and magnetic electrical fieldsTherefore, sound therapy can be used to overcome imbalanced conditions in the body, restore homeostasis, shatter negative energy, create a relaxation response, and energize a person’s creativity. Sound therapy can be used to help create more consciousness and awareness of self. Many negative emotional patterns can be disrupted by the use of sound.

Inner Sound Tuning forks are a unique category of sound therapy. A series of micro-tuned tuning forks, based on the work of Arden and Jack Wilken, are applied next to the ear/head, allowing the sound to enter the body via the hearing mechanism and cranial bones. They produce a pure sound, a single frequency without harmonics. The tuning forks provide a precise and practical way to treat specific areas of the human organism.